Industrial Air Blower Manufacturers in India

The blower is key components of any air handling equipment, which moves the air by pressurizing the air and thereby creating a pressure difference.

Industrial centrifugal blowers are designed for varied applications in the field of air pollution control and ventilation.  centrifugal blower comprises a range of 16 different model types with air handling capacities of up to 1,50,000 M3 / Hr and pressures up to 1500 mm water column. Special types of blowers to handle higher air volumes and pressures can also be supplied on request. These blowers are normally are MS welded construction, However, they can also be made out of stainless steel or any other workable material to suite the specified applications. The impeller blade profiles are of various types to suite the medium handled and the application as described and illustrated below. The impeller of the centrifugal blower is statically and dynamically balanced prior to assembly.

The wide range of centrifugal fans is available in

  • Backward curved blades
  • Stationary inlet guide vanes
  • Direct driven fans
  • In many configurations

Special Linings:

The blowers can be lined with FRP on the interior to make them corrosion resistant, or painted with heat resistant paint on the interior for high-temperature applications.


 The following accessories are specified with the fan depending on the application.

  • The shaft mounted on Aluminum cooling disk
  • Fan outlet damper
  • Fan inlet vane guide unit
  • Vibration isolation pads
  • Drain plugs to remove condensation
  • Common base frame with motor slide rail for v-belt drive arrangement
  • Belt guard for v-belt drive arrangement
  • Shaft guard for v-belt drive arrangement
  • Motor cover